零售委员会在一个地方为您提供所有的保险需求. We partner with the best in the business to deliver the insurance products retailers need, 包括工人的补偿, 残疾(包括带薪探亲假), 健康, 网络责任, 企业主的政策, 一般责任, 商业地产, 汽车保险等.


Our signature workers’ compensation program accepts members into our top-rated Safety Group 493, 承销的 纽约州保险基金(NYSIF). Qualified safety group participants enjoy advance discounts and share earned dividends – without the risk of liability associated with group trusts.




残疾 & 支付家庭休假

Your Retail Council membership can help you reduce the cost of New York State statutory disability insurance (DBL). 我们的全资子公司,零售理事会服务公司.,* works with top-rated vendors to bring our members the plan best suited for their business. 合作伙伴包括ShelterPoint和Standard Security Life, 提供纽约最低的DBL费率.

Call the Retail Council at (518) 465-3586 的更多信息 and a free quote.


我们的全资子公司,零售理事会服务公司. (RCSC)的合伙人亚瑟. 加拉格尔 & Co. (加拉格尔保险公司)提供有竞争力的医疗保险计划. 我们提供定制HMO, 促红细胞生成素, PPO and POS plans with access to national networks and a variety of co-pay and high-deductible options. Internal underwriters and actuaries negotiate directly with insurance carriers to find the best possible rates, 一个专门的服务团队协助日常管理, 注册协助和员工福利宣传.


与我们的合作伙伴一起, 零售委员会提供许多其他保险产品, 包括长期残疾群体, 组基本生活, 意外死亡和肢解, 补充或自愿的员工生活, 网络责任, 企业主的政策, 一般责任, 商业财产和汽车保险.

Call the Retail Council at (518) 465-3586 to speak to an insurance expert about the best options for your business.

*零售委员会服务公司. is a licensed insurance agent/broker by the New York State Department of Financial Services.




Qualified Retail Council members receive an up-front discount of up to 25% off 纽约州保险基金(NYSIF) rates. This discount is available to dues-paying members in good standing with the Retail Council and with NYSIF.


Members of the Retail Council and Safety Group 493 can expect to speak with a live person every time they call during normal business hours. Our three licensed insurance professionals provide accurate answers and exceptional customer service every time you communicate with us.




在493安全小组完成年度审核后, we compare the premiums collected versus reserves and 索赔 paid to determine if a dividend can be declared. 而股息不能得到保证, 零售委员会自1979年以来每年都宣布分红.

加入ing the Retail Council saved me 50% on my workers’ compensation insurance. 与他们的员工一起工作,使过渡迅速而容易. I’d encourage all retailers in New York to learn more about their products and services. 我希望我几年前就知道他们.

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Workers’ compensation insurance protects employees who are injured on the job during their employment. 受伤的工人有资格领取救济金, 医疗福利或在死亡的情况下, 幸存者向其家属提供福利. 根据工人赔偿法, workers’ compensation insurance protects the employer from being sued by the employee who is injured, while also providing benefits to the employee regardless of who is at fault.

在一般情况下, all employees of for-profit and non-profit businesses need to be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. 一个员工, 与独立承包商不同, 可能包括日工, 租用及借用员工, 志愿者, 兼职员工, 家庭成员和大多数分包商. 欲了解更多信息,请访问 工人赔偿委员会.

What are the penalties for not having required workers’ compensation insurance?

Failure by an employer to provide workers’ compensation coverage is a crime punishable by fines and/or criminal prosecution. 有2美元,没有保险,每10天罚款000英镑, 以及对虚报工资的处罚, 员工和记录保存失败. A stop work order may be issued for the company that is not providing workers’ compensation coverage.

A safety group comprises employers with similar operational hazards that are grouped together to reduce their workers' compensation costs. 加入ing a Safety Group spreads the risk from the individual policyholder to the entire group. 集团的保费集中在一起, 该组织致力于提高安全性和限制伤害. Participants may receive advance discounts and share in earned group dividends.
作为493安全组的经理, the Retail Council of New York State serves as the liaison between the 纽约州保险基金(NYSIF) and safety group members. The Retail Council is responsible for submitting all applications from prospective members to NYSIF. Our licensed insurance professionals provide personalized customer service to our members, 协助他们记账, 索赔, 续签, 审计, 证书的处理, 损失运行报告和评级委员会数据报告.

担任49安全组总经理, traditional retailers with a storefront and a safe workplace environment are the best fit for Safety Group 493; see our 符合条件的分类代码清单 为澄清. 询问您的企业是否有资格加入我们的安全小组, 请致电(800)442-3589或发电子邮件给我们的保险服务部 维吉尼亚州的希区柯克 or 比尔洛夫.3, the Retail Council of New York State serves as the liaison between the 纽约州保险基金(NYSIF) and safety group members. The Retail Council is responsible for submitting all applications from prospective members to NYSIF. Our licensed insurance professionals provide personalized customer service to our members, 协助他们记账, 索赔, 续签, 审计, 证书的处理, 损失运行报告和评级委员会数据报告.


Call the Retail Council at (800) 442-3589 and ask to speak with an insurance services representative or email 比尔洛夫 at. 为了准备报价,我们需要以下信息或文件:

  • 类别代码和工资从您目前的保险政策
  • Most recent audit or four quarters of New York State -45’s for FED 941 tax forms
  • 完成NYSIF应用程序
  • 5年当前价值的历史损失

A dividend is a portion of the premium paid for workers’ compensation insurance coverage that is returned to the insured after the end of the group policy period. Safety groups are often able to pay out dividends because they spread the risk from the individual policyholder to the entire group. Because they have a lower risk of workplace incidences, they don’t pay 索赔 for as many accidents. The Retail Council’s Safety Group 493 has returned more than $100 million in dividends to participants since 1978. 查看我们的 股息的历史.


如果你是493安全小组成员, the easiest way to ensure your 索赔 are filed properly is to complete your C-2 form on the 纽约州保险基金(NYSIF)网站 (通过NYSIF eFROI®). Once on the website, click on the link to NYSIF eFROI to start your report of injury. 索赔也可以通过电话(877)469-7432口头提出, 或邮寄到C-2表格上的地址. 参见: How to File a 工人的补偿 Claim: A Guide for Retail Council Members.


NYSIF PAYGO is a simple and convenient way for eligible policyholders to pay their workers’ compensation insurance through approved payroll processors. NYSIF PAYGO取消了首付要求, 根据实际工资计算保险费, 计算更准确的保费支付, resulting in smaller audit adjustments and allows policyholders to match payments to cash flow. 访问NYSIF的 PAYGO页面 的更多信息.

根据平价医疗法案(ACA), employers with 50 or more full-time or full-time equivalent (FTE) employees are required to offer 健康 insurance that is affordable and provides minimum value to 95% of those employees and their dependents (up to age 26), 或者受到惩罚. 这就是所谓的雇主授权.
你能解释一下什么是HMO, PPO, 促红细胞生成素和POS吗?
An HMO (健康 maintenance organization) plan is based on a local physician network. 订户必须指定一名初级保健医生, 他们必须转介去看专家或做诊断测试. 除非在某些情况下, subscribers are responsible for the full cost of physician visits or services outside their network.

A PPO (preferred provider organization) plan is based on a “preferred” network of providers in the subscriber’s area. A primary care physician is not required, and referrals are not necessary to see a specialist. The subscriber’s responsibility for bills depends on the network status and the plan structure. A PPO allows subscribers to visit out-of-state providers who are considered in-network.

An 促红细胞生成素 (exclusive provider organization) plan combines features of an HMO and a PPO. 与PPO类似,看专家不需要转诊. 和, 像一个组织, the subscriber is responsible for paying out-of-pocket costs if seeking care from a doctor outside the plan's network.

A POS (point of service) plan also combines features of HMO and PPO plans. 就像HMO一样,订户需要一个专家的推荐. 和, 像一个PPO, subscribers pay less for visits to providers in the plan’s network and have access to out-of-network providers at a higher cost.


DBL stands for “残疾 好处 Law” (Article 9 of the New York Workers' Compensation Law). 这个法定的残疾保险是由纽约州强制执行的. DBL insurance provides temporary cash benefits paid to an eligible wage earner to replace, 在某种程度上, 当他/她因失业疾病或受伤而致残时,工资损失, 以及怀孕导致的残疾.

Employers who hire one or more employees on each of 30 days in any calendar year in New York State are required to provide DBL insurance for their employees (after the 30th day of such employment) unless they are considered exempt.


个体户, partners and members of limited liability companies (though their employees must be covered)
Ministers, priests, rabbis, imams, sextons, Christian Science readers or members of religious orders
View a full list of coverage requirements on the 工人赔偿委员会 website.


Members of the Retail Council are offered some of the lowest quarterly-billed rates available on statutory disability insurance through our program. 更多信息或免费报价,请致电(518)465-3586. Employers can also obtain DBL insurance from the New York State Insurance Fund or from private carriers. 他们也可以申请自保 工人赔偿委员会.


Employers may pay the entire DBL insurance premium or choose to share the cost with the employee. 纽约州法律允许雇主扣除0.雇员工资的5%,最高不超过$.60 per week, to offset the cost of providing disability benefits insurance.

不提供DBL保险是轻罪, punishable by a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $500 or imprisonment for up to one year or both. 工人补偿委员会可以处以0.在不遵守期间,雇主工资的百分之五, 每一段时间不遵守规定,另加500美元. A second violation of the law within five years may result in a fine of not less than $250 nor more than $1,250. A third violation within five years may result in a fine of up to $2,500.
员工的伤残津贴是多少? 雇员可在多长时间内获得现金福利?

现金福利是申领人平均周薪的50%, 但不能超过最大限额, 目前每周170美元. 好处 are paid for a maximum of 26 weeks of disability during 52 consecutive weeks. 连续第八天开始领取救济金.

Can an employer request the disabled employee to be examined by his or her designated physician for proof of disability?

是的. The disabled employee (claimant) must submit himself/herself to regular exams by the employer’s designated physician, 如雇主要求, 否则员工可能会危及自己的利益. 然而, the exams must be at reasonable times and cannot be more than once a week; the employee is not responsible for payment of the exam.

What is required of an employer once an employee is disabled from a non-occupational illness or injury?

残疾七天以上的工人, an employer must supply him/her with a Statement of Rights under the 残疾 好处 Law (db - 271). The form must be submitted within five days of learning the employee is disabled.


A business owner’s policy combines 一般责任 insurance and property insurance. Many business owners mistakenly believe that a 一般责任 insurance policy will cover their own losses as well as the losses of their customers. 然而, a 一般责任 policy will only protect you from a claim arising from a third party and does not cover your business property in the event of a loss. For a small business that needs coverage for both 一般责任 and business property, a business owner’s policy is the most comprehensive and cost-effective option.


Cyber liability insurance protects businesses against computer-related crimes and losses and is designed to cover breach, 网络敲诈勒索, 网络犯罪, 业务中断和数据恢复.  如果你的公司接受信用卡或其他数字支付, 保存医疗或财务数据, uses computers or mobile devices and/or stores confidential customer information, 你需要网络责任险.

什么是自愿补充健康保险? 我应该把它提供给我的员工吗?

Voluntary supplemental insurance plans help employees pay for unexpected costs not covered by medical insurance. Insurance options include accident, cancer, critical illness and hospital indemnity. 雇主可以为雇员提供自愿福利, 无论医疗保险状况如何, 对雇主没有直接成本. 员工直接获得现金福利, 根据所涵盖的疾病, 受伤, 治疗和服务.

Depending on the plan, an employer might need a minimum of just three to five employees to qualify.


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